Chamber Business Alliance
The Chamber Business Alliance (CBA) is a group of Chambers that have agreed to welcome members from other CBA Chambers to attend selected events displaying the CBA welcome logo. We believe all will benefit by cooperating with one another and welcoming business-minded people. It’s good for business!
Key Points:


1.     CBA participants:

a.     A Chamber of Commerce, in this instance, represents one city or community.

b.     Business Member: A business member in good standing of a CBA Chamber of Commerce.


2.     Each of our business members would be welcomed to attend other selected Chamber events when each Chamber is displaying a CBA logo.


3.     Through the _______________ Chamber you are connected to our _____ business members. Through the CBA, you are part of a much larger alliance of business members.


4.     You can find CBA Chambers listed on each Chamber directory.


5.     CBA Chambers collaborate with each other for the common good.


6.     CBA Chambers may choose to review issues that face our members and join with other CBA Chambers that have a common interest under a separate Alliance.

La Habra Area Chamber of Commerce

321 E La Habra Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631
(562) 697-1704


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