Our new Shop Local / Shop La Habra program to help support our local economy. If you would like to participate in this program please call the Chamber and ask for Dawn. She will give you the details. (562) 697-1704 

We Shop La Habra light pole banners

Life in La Habra Magazine

The La Habra Chamber of Commerce and the City of La Habra co-produce this quarterly magazine for our businesses and residents in La Habra. 26,000 copies of this magazine are direct mailed to every business and residential address in La Habra and La Habra Heights. Great way to reach everyone for as little as 1 cent per address. Call the Chamber at (562) 697-1704 to place your ad. Working on Summer 2015 issue now.

La Habra is located between the hills of Northwest Orange County, California. La Habra, a vibrant and diversified community, is recognized for its Children’s Museum, Corn Festival, Citrus Fair, Friendship Train Whistle, and fine Youth Sports programs. FOur community focuses business development, supportive non-profits, public safety, while building a strong local economy.